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Windt im Wald Farm
Geauga County, Northeast Ohio

since 1995


WIW WINDSOME FORTUNE  (foaled 5/5/2001)


Our Winsome has turned a lot of heads during his 17 months with us, but Shirley Allison  took one look and kept repeating, "Oh, how beautiful he is!" We delivered Winsome to his new home on the southeast side of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Shirley has wanted a horse for many years; she chose an Arabian cross because she had been fortunate enough as a teenager to have an Arabian gelding that she broke herself. She never forgot her Arab's loyalty and intelligence. We are pleased that Winsome will give her the joy that she has been wishing for so long. We wish them happy trails and hope to hear that within a few years they will be doing endurance rides. Send us some pictures, Shirley. We think Winsome is going to be a spectacular ride and a spectacular looker!

Would you believe we wrote these words in October 2002? Shirley has been good enough over the intervening years to send us birthday wishes and to send an occasional picture, but required health regimens  we endured  during a bout with breast cancer and its side effects forced us to step back for a while and focus on mere survival as opposed to all the little joyful tidbits that we savored during times of good health.

What a wonderful surprise, then, in late September to receive an e-mail from "Lorelei" and the gorgeous pictures of a svelte, skilled rider on a magnificent chestnut horse! The text referred to "Wind." Surely this gorgeous creature silhouetted against  tempestuous skies was not our Win, or was it?  We e-mailed back to ask who Lorelei was, thinking perhaps Shirley might be using a professional trainer.  The response was from Shirley herself, who explained that she has a new life with a new gentleman and that this fine horse is indeed our WIW Windsome Fortune, whom she will be using in endurance competition in 2008. She explained that she is now using her middle name, Lorelei, and is a Lorelei, indeed, in these breathtaking photos. Both Lorelei and Win are windswept and free-spirited, and we, who have always been attracted to the restless freedom of the wind and the symbolism of moving forward that it evokes, are thrilled at Win's and Lorelei's development as endurance performers.  Keep moving forward, dear friends, and follow your dreams and ambitions. The pictures say it all! Congratulations for loving life and living it to the fullest and for your determination and dedication in getting Win into endurance competition. We look forward with joy to hearing great things about you both and Emilio as the months go by and 2008 comes forth to meet us!

This chestnut charmer with the loooong legs was born about 9:45 PM on Saturday, May 5, 2001. He is the third foal (all COLTS) out of CAMEO WINDCHIME, our big Polish high stepping mare. He was sired by KEY SERA SERA, a Half Arabian Pinto National Show Horse owned by Donna Shelatree of Venus, Pennsylvania. KEY is a pretty high stepper himself so WIN could not lose. This pretty colt has a great deal of roaning and some interesting patterning on his flank, his tail, and his belly. He has a beautiful dish, a long blaze, a wonderful neck, a shortish back, a proud manner

In the midst of the recent scare concerning an excessive loss of foals in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Canada, we are grateful to have WIN in our midst and hope he is our "winsome" fortune!

Map to our farm

For more Information Mailboxwiwfarm@hotmail.com
or call us 440-996-0110

Pictured at 15 Months this boy is something else!  This summer we hope to get pictures of Windsome Fortune as a two year old started under saddle.

Pictured at 1 year
Pictured at 5 months
Pictured at 1 year Pictured at 3 months

At Windt im Wald Farm we are preservationist Arabian horse breeders. specializing in Crabbet/CMK bloodlines. We also provide Arabian horse training and riding lessons.