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Geauga County, Northeast Ohio
since 1995

Southern Pines Equine Associates

Southern Pines Equine Associates are proud to provide the Sandhills of North Carolina with the highest level of quality in Equine Veterinary Medicine and Surgery. They have the latest in diagnostic equipment, including computer enhanced radiography and scintigraphy. Their staff includes, a CVPM, licensed veterinary technicians and seasoned horse handlers.

Southern Pines Equine Associates posts on their website The Case of the Month. With their permission we are proud to reprint the cases here, hopefully to aid in the prevention some serious diseases and equine disorders. The following links will provide all the case details. The number of links will be increased periodically as more are made available by Southern Pines Equine Associates.

Case Report: Equine Rabies Gastric Ulcers in the Adult Horse


e-mal Dr. Jim Hamilton, DVM
Southern Pines Equine Associates
Phone  910-692-8640      fax 910-692-1142
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