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Windt im Wald
A Wind in the Woods
Geauga County, Northeast Ohio
since 1995

Sales List December 15, 2014  Prices subject to change without notice!

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Map to our farm

Results of An Important Survey of Arabian Horse Owners
Completed Summer, 2003

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PERFECT HORSE is a 15.1 50/50 black/white tobiano registered Tennessee Walking Horse. She is naturally gaited, with or without shoes, and she has the quiet, unflappable temperament that we enjoy in all of our horses. She is superb on the trail and crosses water without even taking a deep breath. She does not jump water; she just walks into it and across it. And then, it is a smooth ride all the way.  $3000 when baby Navigaitor is weaned at the end of August.

WIW ImageofChoice
Click on picture for more information

(WIW Windys Choice x Bur-Dals Ginanah)

Superb 7/8 Chestnut going grey colt foaled April 8, 2007. IC ( Icky) is already a gorgeous rose-grey who is attracting tons of attention from judges and visitors to the farm. He has a very wide blaze and lots of chrome. Best of all, he has a wonderful trot and a fast canter. He has been a very  quick learner and has figured out how to set-up quietly and quickly without inching-up on me and forcing me to back up in a class. He has placed in two of three classes, with the first show being on August 18 and the third class on September 3, 2007. This boy has a superb shoulder and a lovely hock. Everywhere he goes, judges and spectators alike ooh and ah over his color and his quiet behavior. Don't miss out on this treasure. He may be the last offspring of his elderly purebred Crabbet Arabian dam. 47.50% Crabbet-bred with multiple lines to Geym, *Raffles, *Mirage, Davenport, and Babson. You will not find this pedigree too often anywhere else.  $2200,subject to immediate increase without notice.

For more Information  wiwfarm@hotmail.com
or call 440-996-0110

WIW Royal Tsonata
Click on picture for more information

(Royal Pride Rythm x Supreme Tsamaz x HU-Sohda-Nohta).

Elegant 7/8 Arabian Chestnut Filly foaled in August 2005 with gorgeous blaze and 4 white socks.  VERY refined with beautiful tippy ears and lovely dish. Very sturdy and intelligent with excellent rear quarters, courtesy of Royal Pride Rythm. She will top out about 14.3 -15.0 hands and already demonstrates what looks to be a lot of "cow." Registered with AHA. Dam line is close-up Ivanhoe Tsultan and Elkan, both Champions and sires of Champions. 58% Crabbet-Blunt Arabian breeding. Saddled as of early August  2007. $2700.


For more Information  wiwfarm@hotmail.com
or call 440-996-0110

WIW Legacy of Choice
Click here for more information  or click on player at right for short video

(WIW Windys Choice x CaLo's Perfection)

WIW Legacy Of Choice made her appearance at 2:30 AM Saturday, August 26, 2006. This is her latest portrait on July 23, 2007. She is quite a nice girl, preparing for her initial halter classes!

$3000, subject to increase without notice.


For more Information  wiwfarm@hotmail.com
or call 440-996-0110

WIW Midnight Rythm
Click on picture for more information

(Royal Pride Rythm x CaLo's Perfection)

Foaled August 29, 2005.  Pictured at 22 months.  Double registered Half Arabian (AHA) and Part Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association. True black gelding with one rear  sock. Gorgeous shoulder, neck, and hip with 4-beat gait. Friendly and docile with sweet laid-back personality. He will be an OUTSTANDING trail horse with a wonderfully smooth gait. Note the nice line of the back.  At the time of this photo on July 7. 2007, he is 15.2 hands, and we expect him to mature 16.1. We have had phenomenal success with this Arabian/Tennessee Walking Horse cross for producing beauty, calm temperament, easy trainability, and unequaled smoothness and utility on the trail for pleasure, endurance, or trail-endurance disciplines.  Subject to price increase without further notice. $3300

For more Information  wiwfarm@hotmail.com
or call 440-996-0110

Your inquiries are always welcome

At Windt im Wald Farm we are preservationist Arabian horse breeders. specializing in Crabbet/CMK bloodlines. We also provide Arabian horse training and riding lessons.