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Extinction by NAIS

Windt im Wald
A Wind in the Woods
Geauga County, Northeast Ohio
since 1995


We promise to treat everyone with honesty, dignity, and respect. That is how we would like to be treated if the shoe were on the other foot, and we were doing the buying.

Our word is our bond. We have worked too hard during our lives being proud of our name and our integrity to act in a way that would put the family name and the family reputation in jeopardy.

It is important that we match up the right horse with the right buyer. We respect you too much to sell you a horse that is too spirited or too quiet for you. If you are going to own a horse, you might as well know right up front that you are going to have to mesh and get along with each other in terms of temperament, talent, and training.

We will not knowingly sell a horse to the wrong kind of home, nor will we ever sell one of our horses through an auction. We have spent a great deal of loving time with each of our horses in an effort to instill trust and gentleness within them. For us, horses are a labor of love so they are difficult to part with unless they go with the right folks.

It is not our intention to sell a horse merely for the sake of making a short-term sale. We think it is better for us to lose a sale than to lose your trust and respect. If we sell you a horse that is wrong for you, you will never trust us again. If we keep your respect through our hard work, good intentions, and honesty, perhaps you will continue to keep us in your thoughts and talk to us again when you are looking for a particular horse to fill your needs or give us the opportunity to help you solve a horse-related problem.

We love to talk to folks who truly love horses and want to be around them. In addition, we hope that these folks realize that there is always more to learn when you are involved with these wonderful, beautiful, honest creatures. Anyone who tells you that he/she knows all there is and has been there and done that with regard to horses is leading you down the garden path. Humility is a trait that folks acquire when they have the privilege of working with horses and loving both the horses and the work.

Know that we value our integrity above everything else. Without integrity, there is nothing to show for our efforts and our existence on this planet.

Map to our farm

At Windt im Wald Farm we are preservationist Arabian horse breeders. specializing in Crabbet/CMK bloodlines. We also provide Arabian horse training and riding lessons.

Check our Arabian horse sales page for both Purebred and Half-Arabian Horses

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