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Windt im Wald
A Wind in the Woods
Geauga County, Northeast Ohio
since 1995

WIW Midnight Rythm
(Royal Pride Rythm x CaLo's Perfection)

April 26, 2009-- Midnight demonstrates his quiet demeanor

April 26,2009-- Midnight is happy to respond to loose contact on the reins.

April 26, 2009--Everybody say C-h-e-e-z-e!

April 26, 2009- Again, notice the relaxed contact on Midnight's mouth.

April 26,2009
April 26, 2009
April 26,2009

Hello World!

Unlike his older maternal brother, WIW Perfect Alen, who arrived two days late in May 2004, Midnight Rythm showed up at 11:45 PM on August 21, 10 days earlier than expected. Midnight's promptness brought us a sigh of relief, even if the electric power went out shortly after his appearance, and we had to haul our back-up generator from the house to make sure that  he and his mom, CaLo's Perfection, were okay. Midnight was already 39 inches at the withers so if he had waited another ten days to make his entrance into the world, we think he may have been a very difficult challenge for Perfect Horse.  As it is, Perfect Horse took three deliberate efforts to deliver this baby, and we pushed with her each and every time until Midnight was safely on the ground. Since we have done this purebred Arabian/Tennessee Walking Horse cross several times, we know that the resulting foals are pretty good size and need a fair amount of assistance to get proper use of their hindquarters. Once the generator  was operating, we were able to get Midnight to learn the proper reactions so that he could find the Milk Bar. 

Midnight is 50% Arabian and 50%TWH. We are very pleased with his pleasant face and quiet personality, as well as the wonderful hindquarters he has inherited from Royal Pride Rythm, our purebred Arabian stallion. As you can see from these first pictures, Midnight is very long-legged, and he nods his head and gaits! He also parks out with great class!

Though four days younger than his paternal sibling, WIW Royal Tsonata, he towers over her, and we expect that this strapping, wonderfully-natured youngster will top 15.3 hands as a three year old. In the meantime, he is having a wonderful time imitating Mama in learning to eat grain and hay, and he is one of the friendliest babies that we have produced here. At this point, his whinny  is more TWH than Arabian, but that fact can still change as he grows stronger and taller!

We are thrilled, as we always are, with the results of this cross, which produces a relatively refined horse with a quiet, sensible, friendly, curious outlook and an insatiable trust for humans! Congratulations to Royal, Perfect, and to us! As usual, we have hit the jackpot!

The action pictures show our boy at 2 1/2 days!

Can you hear "the rhythm of our hearts," as performed by Rod Stewart? That lilting melody and insatiable spirit  truly typify our WIW Midnight Rythm.


Midnight was gelded on May 17, 2007. He is very content and putting on some weight. We are thrilled with his development. For awhile we did not see him demonstrating a TWH gait, but that rhythm is now apparent again. He nods and overreaches substantially from the rear.  Although backed initially without the aid of a bridle/bit, we are currently using a Half-Cheek(Driving ) Bit Snaffle to fine tune him on flexibility and stopping issues. We are also working him outdoors now and hope to have him trail-ready within a few weeks. This boy does not spook at plastic bags, machinery, noises, critters,  or sudden breezes. He looks to be as spectacular a trail partner as the other foals of Arabian-TWHBEA cross that we have produced in the last several years.  Registered as HAHA and PWHBEA,  he is also eligible for registration as breeding stock in SSHBEA.

We have just confirmed that Midnight's Pinto TWHBEA dam, CaLo's Perfection is again in foal to Royal Pride Rythm for a possibly spotted foal eligible for registration as HAHA, PWHBEA, and SSHBEA.

APRIL 26, 2009

Some time has passed since we have reported on the progress of Midnight.  He is 3 1/2 years old and is going well under saddle on the trail.  He has discovered that he is gaited, and when he is at his best, he is as smooth-moving as a piece of glass or a lake without any current.  His gait is intermittent at this time, but when he is collected, he likes to do a gait that certainly resembles a running walk.  He is long-strided and fast, covering the length of our 120 foot arena in perhaps 11 strides. 

We measured Midnight about a month ago, and he is indeed the 15'3" hands that we predicted at his birth nearly three years ago.  He has a gorgeous wither, and his back and barrel have lengthened so that from the side he looks like a black version of his sire, Royal Pride Rythm. His face is exquisite with a dark, kind, liquid eye and a nice length of leg. 

Midnight enjoys a snort and blow when first turned out, and he even manages a TWHBEA-kind of muted whinny without opening his mouth.  He is quieter than the average purebred Arabian, and he is accepting of water-crossings.  His ears are almost always tipped forward in alert fashion, and he continues to have a long, slender neck. He is one of the most enthusiastic loaders we know when it comes to entering the trailer. He just walks right up in anticipation of  going for a ride.

Midnight was broke without a bit and has responded well to cues on his halter, but as a three-year-old, he has been bothered by the presence of his wolf teeth, which got in the way of the most efficient use of his full-cheek bit in place of a driving bit. His wolf teeth were removed on April 17, 2009, and he is much happier with his full-cheek bit. He also understands leg cues and does a very nice stop in response to good knees.  He backs and trots on cue.  He can get a bit bored with too much arena work, so we are all happy to unlock the treasured secrets of the trail.              

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At Windt im Wald Farm we are preservationist Arabian horse breeders. specializing in Crabbet/CMK bloodlines. We also provide Arabian horse training and riding lessons.

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Last update January 06, 2013