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Windt im Wald
A Wind in the Woods
Geauga County, Northeast Ohio
since 1995

(WIW Windys Choice x CaLo's Perfection)
Foaled 8/26/2006 at 2:30 A.M.
1/2 Tennessee Walking Horse,3/8 Arabian, 1/8 Paint/Pinto
Registration with Pinto Horse Association is PENDING.

WIW Legacy Of Choice made her initial appearance at 2:30 AM Saturday, August 26, 2006.  For the second year in a row her mother, CaLo's Perfection, decided to deliver ten days early. Although Perfect Horse was able to let us know from her physical changes a year ago that a new baby was imminent within 24 hours, this year was a total crapshoot. After having checked Perfect Horse out on the evening of August 25, we concluded that delivery was at least several days away.

July 23,2007. LC is 11 months old and a bit rump high as she goes through a growth spurt. She needs a bridle path! She looks nothing like the suckling who arrived nearly a year ago! Keep reading!

When we were awakened at 2:30 AM by a strange little baby whinny over the intercom, we thought we might just be dreaming. At 2:45 AM there was no mistaking the second whinny. The video camera in Perfect's stall confirmed the existence of a second body. As we hurried to put on clothes and get up to the barn as soon as possible, we forgot our camera to get initial baby pictures.

As we opened up the stall door, there was indeed a second body, and a spotted one at that. Baby already had its head raised as it issued a few more little whinnies to announce its arrival. Small by comparison to WIW Midnight Rythm, Perfect's 2005 foal, this one did not seem as ribby or as long-legged as it lay atop its sack still soaking wet. We rubbed it dry and, as always, took the wet towel with its birth smells around to the rest of the horses in the barn. As always, they were curious and friendly about the new arrival.

Without any intervention at all, the newcomer suddenly got up unassisted, cow-fashion, rear-legs first and walked with rather good coordination to her mother's hindquarters. We are used to seeing quite a few failures while a new foal learns to use its legs, but this little creature, all 38 inches, seems to be one of the most well-coordinated we have produced here at Windt im Wald Farm.  Tom put his hand on the little one's head just once to insure contact with Perfect's udders. At that point we were not even sure if Perfect had viable milk because just six hours before, there had appeared to be no milk yet available. We watched as this sturdy little newcomer found the breakfast bar unassisted time after time.

By 3:15 we had ascertained that we had a spotted filly. More importantly, we were confident that this little lady was tough enough and smart enough to do what needed to be done-- a real survivor. We were back in bed within minutes, but we did not fall back asleep very instantly. We both scratched our heads about being fooled by Perfect, but we were grateful that we were around to pick up on any potential problems. Thank goodness that this new baby escaped any difficulties of birth! God is GOOD!

UPDATE: July 23, 2007.  Nearly a year has passed. LC looks a little more Araby than she did a few months back. She is built quite sturdily and reminds us so much of WIW WINDYS CHOICE, both in temperament and in conformation. She has his rear end, rather than Perfect's. Her face is much more refined than we had hoped for, and again, she favors Choice rather than Perfect Horse in that regard.

Since Perfect Horse accepts all her babies back, even when they are over a year, we had to re-wean this girl. She finally knows she is growing up and is no longer her mama's baby.

LC is preparing to do a few halter classes between August and October. She has learned the set-up cue and is attentive here at home. The acid test will be when she encounters noise, confusion, and unfamiliar territory at the show grounds.

So far so good. Nice work, LC!!


LC actually cleaned up pretty nicely. Her white areas were so clean that they sparkled in the sun. In fact, she hasn't been this sparkling white since the day of her birth almost exactly one year ago. Although we wrapped her in two sheets and tied them securely so that she could not slip them off, we found her in the morning with both closed front sheets on the floor of her stall. Neither was ripped, stomped, soiled, or destroyed. Better yet, her body was so dazzling clean that we were blinded. It was quite a miracle on the morning of a horse show. God is good, and we have been blessed to be able to load LC with Icky at 8:30 AM and arrive half an hour early for the Cuyahoga County Farm Bureau Open Show on the grounds of the Cuyahoga County Fair...Yahoo!!!!

Nothing ever goes as planned. LC actually stood beautifully during practice, but she refused to trot...During Jackpot Halter, Class 2, she trotted magnificently, like a Saddlebred almost...but then it was all over. Instead of staying set up, with one rear foot behind the other, she continued to inch up on me. She never did that at home. Additionally, she was a bit of a wreck, calling constantly for her little half-brother buddy, WIW Imageofchoice, who at four months was the epitome of Cool and Collected...

Even the judge came up and reassured LC that it soon would be over. It sure would be, I thought. Never in my wildest imagination did I visualize that LC would be among the ribbon-winners. Nevertheless, she was third out of seven entries, and we were immensely proud and profoundly relieved...

Our next challenge with a great deal of local competition will be the Geauga County Fair in Burton, Ohio, on September 2 and September 3.


Well, I have a pretty good handle on this moving-around thing, and I am only eight hours old on August 26, 2006!

Yahoo! Look at me now!! Don't try this at home without professional assistance! September 1, 2006.

Look at these airs above the ground. I defied gravity for quite awhile before gravity did me in. September 1, 2006, 7 days old.

I'm flying here, too! Yahoo! September 1, 2006.

Now, tell me, how do I do this again? September 1, 2005.

Going, going... September 1, 2006.

So that's what happens when I lower my head! September 1, 2006.

Hey! This routine works well also! September 1, 2006.


To make WIW Legacy Of Choice part of your program please check our sales page by clicking this link.

For more InformationMailboxwiwfarm@hotmail.com       



At Windt im Wald Farm we are preservationist Arabian horse breeders. specializing in Crabbet/CMK bloodlines. We also provide Arabian horse training and riding lessons.

Check our Arabian horse sales page for both Purebred and Half-Arabian Horses.


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