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Windt im Wald
A Wind in the Woods
Geauga County, Northeast Ohio
since 1995

Half Arabian Horses

There is a growing market for horses that are registered Half-Arabian through the International Arabian Horse Association. This registry has been very successful in preserving the Arabian influence in a number of breeds. Although the most popular Half-Arabian breed may be the Arabian/Saddlebred cross, a growing number of people are flocking to the Morab (Half-Arabian/Morgan), the Quararab (Half-Arabian/Quarter Horse), the Aralipizzan (Arabian/Lipizzan), Arapaloosa (Arabian/Apaloosa). In the show ring Hackney/Arab cross horses have become very successful high-stepping Park champions, and Warmblood and Gaited horse fans have been crossing their mares with Purebred Arabian stallions to produce horses with more refinement and endurance.

We will be producing a few registered Half-Arabian individuals available for purchase. We expect them to demonstrate the refinement of the Arabian while incorporating certain variations in color and gait that we think are attractive and appealing to the public.

about The Horse

Results of An Important Survey of Arabian Horse Owners Completed Summer, 2003

Arabian Magazines and Books from the late 1970s-1979 FOR SALE

Arabian Magazines and Books from the late 1980s-Present FOR SALE


Map to our farm

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WWW Navigaitor

Picture at 7 hours old


WIW TSYMPLY ROYAL, chestnut 7/8 Arabian filly
Foaled 5/6/2008, 2:10 AM.
pictured at 7 hours old


Pictured at 4 months old


Pictured at 4 years old


WIW Midnight Rythm 

Picture at 23 months old


WIW Windsome Fortune

Pictured at 15 Months old



WIW Dixie Melody


WIW Rythm Queen


Windys Choice

Pictured with new owner, Sara Nank, in Rock Creek, Ohio, on December 29, 2006...




WIW Royal Tstarbucks


Supreme Tsamaz

Tsamaz's new foal


At Windt im Wald Farm we are preservationist Arabian horse breeders. specializing in Crabbet/CMK bloodlines. We also provide Arabian horse training and riding lessons.

Check our Arabian horse sales page for both Purebred and Half-Arabian Horses