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Windt im Wald
A Wind in the Woods
Geauga County, Northeast Ohio
since 1995

Bur-Dals Ginanah
69.7% Crabbet/Blunt Certified

This page retained for reference only

 1985-November 29, 2010

The picture at right is the one that we will always remember.  Gina was already 20 years old when WIW Regina Doriona was born in April 2005.   The tippy, elegant ears, the elegant dishy face, and the joie d'vivre--these qualities marked Gina's presence for us. 

She was sheer joy to watch, and although she was not rideable because of a right rear leg which did not allow her to bear weight,  she enjoyed her daily forays outside until the last week of her life.  She was so excited to go outside that she would trot in place in her stall. She would wait for the lead line to be released from her halter once she was outside, and then she would literally explode with enthusiasm and delight as her nostrils stretched to catch the wind.

At 13.3 hands she could have been a Welsh pony, but her heart and soul identified her as a giant  among her peers.  She was definitely an alpha, and all she needed to do was  to lay her ears back to communicate her leadership. 

The last two years were physically difficult for Gina.  She struggled with COPD and coped with a persistent cough that sometimes responded to medication.  Nevertheless, her eyes remained bright, and  her appetite was hearty. Her appreciation of life enabled her to persevere.

The fall of 2010 became particularly problematic as the cough worsened but sometimes subsided.  The week of November 22 she dealt with three colics, and we realized that  she was suffering from at least a partial blockage.  We agonized daily with her lack or progress as we watched her unable/unwilling to eat or drink enough water to sustain her existence.  We knew she would not be able to endure the cold, snowy northeast Ohio winter.  She no longer was able to experience the joy of stretching her nostrils to catch the wind.

The morning of November 29 dawned warm and balmy with gentle breezes.  We visited with Gina outside and reveled in her last desire to drink in the wind.  There would be few days that would be so pleasant  for several months. Thus, we talked to Gina gently and stroked her elegant face as we allowed her soul to depart.  We knew that enabling her to achieve this peace was certainly the right choice.  Even so, we shed tears for her new freedom.

The foal in the photo is WIW Regina Dorionah (Royal Pride Rythm  x), a gray purebred Arabian mare like her mother.  Gina's last foal, WIW Imageofchoice (Windys Choice x), was born on Easter Sunday 2007, during a snowstorm that dumped over 15 inches of snow and frigid temperatures.  For awhile that April morning we thought we might lose both Gina and Icky and made the decision that we would not breed her again.  Icky and Dorie are both about 14.1 and nearly snow white.   Both Dorie and Icky are delights to us and daily reminders of the treasure that was Bur-Dals Ginanah. 

God speed, Gina.  We'll see you again one day when  the breezes are gentle and balmy.



Pedigree Bur-Dals Ginanah Click on picture for enlarged view

BUR-DALS Ginanah

Grey Purebred Arabian Mare

69.7% Crabbet-Blunt Certified by Eastern Crabbet Arabian Horse Society

Strain: Seglawi Al-Abd to the Davenport Import, *Wadduda

AUT_1913.jpg (30511 bytes)
AHR #533630 
Bred by Burton and Grace Jones of Scio, Ohio

6 crosses to *Rifala, dam of *Raffles, Image, Phantom

7 crosses to Rissla, dam of Irex, Rissletta;

No picture

Aarod, Bay stallion AHR #21830


No picture

*Nimrod, Bay stallion Bred by Courthouse Stud, William Musgrave Clark, United Kingdom Imported by Henry Babson to improve his #Fadl-linebred Arabian stock
Champurrado.jpg (25240 bytes)
Champurrado, Chestnut stallion AHSB * 742 (Irex x Niseyra X Rissam)

No picture

Nautch Girl, Bay mare AHSB *773 (Sainfoin x Nasira x Nadir) Strain: Kuhailan Dajania
Saana.jpg (23703 bytes)
Saana, Grey mare 75% *Fadl AHR *9375
Fadl.jpg (26696 bytes)
*Fadl, Grey stallion AHR *896 (Ibn Rabdan x Mahroussa) Imported by Henry Babson Al-Khamsa, Blue List, Sheikh-Obeyd
Aana.jpg (26971 bytes)
Aana, Grey mare (Fay-El-Dine x Fa Saana) Babson Breeding Program Produced 5 purebreds, including FaSaaba, Al-Khamsa, Blue List, Sheikh-Obeyd AHR *3389

No picture

Ginanessah, Grey mare AHR *110996 Dam of 4 purebred Arabians Bred by Burton and Grace Jones of Scio, Ohio


No picture

Manasseh, Bay stallion AHR *9333

No picture

Marengo, Bay stallion AHR *6016 (Geym x Joharah x *Mirage)

No picture

Keemath, Chestnut mare
AHR *1725
(Katar x Nejm x *Nuri Pasha

No picture

Gina Raffa, Grey mare AHR *60341
imagination.jpg (50982 bytes)
Imagination, Grey stallion
*8689 (Image x Rafina) Full brother to Imagin Strain: Kuhaylan Rodania

No picture

Bint Mraff. Grey mare *16169 (Mraff x Gusherri x Phantom) Gusherri was a half-sister of Champion, Gazon Strain: Seglawi Al Abd


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At Windt im Wald Farm we are preservationist Arabian horse breeders. specializing in Crabbet/CMK bloodlines. We also provide Arabian horse training and riding lessons.

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Arabian Magazines and Books from the late 1980s-Present FOR SALE

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