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Windt im Wald
A Wind in the Woods
Geauga County, Northeast Ohio
since 1995
 WIW Dixie Melody

e are delighhted to share this letter and pictures we receive from Patricia McCullagh Dixie's owner. Be sure to check out all the baby pictures at the bottom of this page.

Dear Tom and Diane Jones,

I know it's been a little over 8 years since you sold Dixie to my family, but I thought you may like an update on how she's been since leaving you. I can tell you she has taught me almost everything I know about riding (including how to stay on). She became my perfect jumping horse and has always been a babysitter from day 1.

We've had our ups and downs, as any pair does. Our highs have been placing in jumper classes, mostly locally at Chagrin Valley Farms in the past couple of years. She hears that buzzer and thinks, "Time to go to work!" If we had attended the final jumper show last winter, we could potentially have become reserve champion of the season.

Last year we went to a jumper derby in NY. It was our first show in several months, and our first show outside since March 2009 when we went to Ocala, so my expectations were very low. I just hoped we would get around as far as we could. We came 6th out of about 33, and I even took a longer turn for 1 jump because she landed more balanced on the right lead so I just went with my gut and went that way, losing several seconds. We had never jumped a bank before and there was the option of a small bank up, which would use up more time, or a double bank. We practiced both in warmup and found that as long as I keep my shoulders back, she was perfectly capable of the double bank and in the moment that's what we went for and she loved it! She finds questions like that which test her ability the most fun.

We've since tried our luck at eventing. Our dressage isn't quite up to the standards of eventing yet, so we haven't placed more than once. At our first mini trial last year, neither of us had done a dressage test before, and the cross country was going right next to us during our test and it was like Dixie was saying, "I want to do that over there! This is boring!" Funnily enough, that day was one of the closest we've come to placing, but out dressage score was tied with somebody else and that pair won the tie as they were closer to the time set for cross country... We flew around that course.

The day before we were able to practice the cross country since neither of us had ever done it before. We entered the Starter level and in the practice we could jump any level. Dixie didn't understand why I kept slowing her down after each jump to turn around and go back to our group, like "We're jumping aren't we? That means we go. Silly human... She never learns." By the end of that session, we had jumped Starter, Beginner Novice, Novice, and even a couple of Training level cross country fences. The highest we've shown at is beginner novice since we don't do a whole lot of eventing or showing and it is a dangerous sport, so I don't want to take unnecessary risks.

The best thing about Dixie is that she is so sturdy and balanced she rarely ever trips or stumbles. Her favorite cross country courses are the ones with changing terrain. The bigger the hills, the better. She doesn't like tree lines or water though, and at this level water is an option so we usually take the funny looking jump option instead. One mini trial we got to this year was Stonegate and that has the hills she loves and the tree lines she's not fond of. The hills won her favor, so we had very few issues on course. I felt our dressage was far better than before but the score didn't prove it. The cross country was great though at beginner novice. The other rider I was with, and even my trainer aren't keen on that kind of terrain, but Dixie loves it and that makes me love it too! We have some pictures from that show, but they're in Indiana right now because we're in the process of moving there and bringing Dixie and her 17.2hh chestnut Hanoverian friend, Henry, home. When I find the pictures I can send you copies of them if you would like.

Dixie also stands out at the shows since she hangs her tongue out and it flaps around while she jumps. Passerby's always mention her tongue. Plus her TWH gait shows itself occasionally, and many of our competitors use solid colored horses. I feel like at first glance other trainers think, "There's no competition there." But then they see her jump and they leave with their tails between their legs, especially at the jumper shows.

I know we had a rocky start in owning her, which is partly why I wanted to give you an update on her progress. Today me and Dixie can basically read each other's mind, so it may have been an unexpected journey, but when she comes home to live with us in Indiana, you can be at peace knowing she's happy and well loved and cared for.

Patricia McCullagh

May 1, 2005. At age 3 years and 1 week, WIW DIXIE MELODY is working quietly  in the middle of a dog show at the Cleveland, Ohio, Metroparks Polo Fields at Moreland Hills, Ohio. Lots of noise and confusion reigned supreme, but Supreme Tsamaz, our seasoned 3/4 Arabian mare in the background and Dixie just took it all in stride with no more than halter and clip reins. Could you ask for more?
Zippity Doo Dah, Zippity-Ee! Look at 2002  full sister to WIW RYTHM QUEEN. This one is WIW DIXIE MELODY. She is 50% Arabian and 50% Spotted Saddle Horse (TWH). She is "gaited,." that is, she has a gait other than a trot. Long strided AND  high stepping, she is an own daughter of our beloved ROYAL PRIDE RYTHM (AHR 520585) and SD's APRIL FOOL, a black/white tobiano Spotted Saddle Horse mare. APRIL is homozygous for black so she can only throw black or bay babies (no chestnuts), but in addition, she has produced two  pinto fillies for us. WIW DIXIE MELODY is named for her purebred Arabian great great grand dam, the grand dame, FASCINATING MELODY. Look for pictures of FASCINATING MELODY, who is still hale and hearty  at age 25, in the pedigree of ROYAL PRIDE RYTHM.

As you can see from the pictures, MELODY has an excellent rear quarter and set of hocks as well as fabulous bone depth. Therefore, she should be a very athletic sport horse-type as well as an attention-getter because of her markings. If personality is important, MELODY gets an A+ for her quiet, loving manner. She enjoys coming up to her humans for a kiss on the nose.

MELODY's full sister is black/white tobiano filly, WIW RYTHM QUEEN, who shares the same quiet, affectionate personality and who is registered SSHBEA as well as IAHA, and who is now the Endurance Trail mount of Linda Wainwright of Kirtland, Ohio.  Both fillies are eligible for APAR, ISH, and PtHA.

Zippity Doo Dah, Zippity-Ee!
Map to our farm

To make WIW DIXIE MELODY part of your program please check our sales page by clicking this link.


For more Information Mailboxwiwfarm@hotmail.com


WIW Dixie Melody at 24 months, one week old. Dixie certainly has grown taller and a bit broader, and you can see how well developed her knees and hocks are. She is ready to be broke to saddle. She is blessed with nice withers, a good behind, and "gait." Photo of 5/10/04 >

Dixie is taking a break, while WIW Royal Windsong (left) and WIW Rythm Queen (center) still pig out. Photo of 5/30/2004. >

May 25, 2003, has this girl grown or what? She is 13 hands 3 inches at 13 months.

This is Dixie at ease on May 30, 2004, beautiful and quiet at 25 months. She is a dark bay tobiano with roaning on her front right upper leg.

Dixie at 14 Months old
Dixie at 14 Months old
Dixie at The Great Geauga County Fair,
 September 2, 2002

Dixie at The Great Geauga County Fair,
 September 2, 2002

Dixie at The Great Geauga County Fair,
 September 2, 2002

This photo shows Dixie's other side. Again, note the loose rein, the relaxed body language, the alert ears. This picture and the one above show Dixie on a course that is brand new to her. She is going on trust and has no fear of things (like the stacked wood) that she has not seen or touched before. She is the product of slow, patient training, and very frequent sessions of desensitization to plastic, water, balloons, and paper bags. She will be every bit as trusty a horse as her older sibling, WIW RYTHM QUEEN, now owned by Linda Wainwright of Kirtland, Ohio. Hey, Tom, heels down!

May 7,2005, at the Second Annual FarmFest in Thompson, (Northern Geauga County) Ohio. Dixie watches without any reaction as Tom opens the orange umbrella right at her nose. Tom also has a plastic bag attached to the end of a crop. Dixie's reaction to the plastic bag rumpling in her face is the same as the reaction you see in this picture--Ho Hum...So What?

This picture is a continuation of the sequence of events from the picture above. Notice that Dixie's ears are alert and forward, and that Tom has her attention--not her fear. She is standing there willingly without ANY tie device.

Tom is starting to fold up the umbrella as Dixie watches quietly, ears forward, and totally unrestrained.

Tom opens the umbrella again and grins at the crowd of admirers in Thompson, Ohio, to explain that Dixie is not going to run from the umbrella or the plastic bag out of panic or fear. This is an example of mutual trust and devotion...May 7, 2005, at the Thompson FarmFest.

May 7, 2005.  Reins and lead line are totally loose and relaxed. The young rider is having as good a time as Dixie, who is tuning one ear toward her young admirer. Again, please note that Dixie functions as a result of great trust in humans and gentle, consistent handling. Even the sun is shining down!!  The following day, May 8, Dixie is ridden in the midst of another dog show at the Cleveland Polo Fields--oblivious to the sounds of dogs yapping and people bustling! The more confusion, the better!

Photo of WIW Dixie Melody and Tom on May 1, 2005. It is a beautiful sunny day (before the rains come down...) at the Cleveland Polo Fields in Moreland Hills, Ohio. Note the LOOSE rein and no bit and Dixie's total willingness to cooperate. Dixie is 3years 1 week old.

This is another shot of Dixie and Tom taken at the Cleveland Polo Fields, May 1, 2005. There was a dog show going on less than 60 feet away with lots of yapping, loud speakers, cars, and loose dogs. Dixie took it all in stride.

Look at Dixie now--April 15, 2005. She is working WITHOUT a bit or a bridle. She takes her directions verbally  and from body cues without the rider's need to have his hands "in her mouth." Note the LOOSE reins  and the relaxed body language of both Dixie and Tom Jones.





Early baby pictures below from the end of April 2002




At Windt im Wald Farm we are preservationist Arabian horse breeders. specializing in Crabbet/CMK bloodlines. We also provide Arabian horse training and riding lessons.

Check our Arabian horse sales page for both Purebred and Half-Arabian Horses


Last update February 12, 2014