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Windt im Wald Farm
Geauga County, Northeast Ohio
since 1995

Windt im Wald Farm Salutes the Winners of the 2004 Coloring Contest  Last updateApril 26, 2013

In the age 9-12 category, the winning entry was submitted by Taylor Prugel, age 11, of Painesville Township, Ohio.

Taylor shows great hand-position on the reins.

Tsammie and Taylor are listening to directions.

Taylor Prugel demonstrates her exceptionally good seat. Nevertheless, note how intent she is on doing a great job!

In the age 7-9 category, the winning entry was submitted by Cassie Cendrowski, age 7, of Chester  Township, Ohio.

Cassie Cendrowski leads the "wild and crazy" Arabian mare, Supreme Tsamaz to the Windt im Wald Farm Arena. Mrs. Cendrowski is in the background.

Cassie and Tsammie have an uproarious good time walking through the plastic wading pool used for training "wild and crazy" horses.

Cassie is sitting well and smiling at her riding success.

The Annual Coloring Contest for 2004 sponsored by Windt im Wald Farm in the Country Critter Journal of Northeast Ohio is now over, and the winners have been notified by telephone. There were 25 entries, which came from as far away as Akron and Alliance. All of the entrants colored very thoughtfully, and we had a difficult time deciding the winners.

Nevertheless, only two winners could be chosen for the free riding lesson (as soon as Ohio snow, sleet, ice, and cold clear up) and color photo, which will appear in spring 2005 in The Critter  Journal. Thank you, Jo Ann, editor of The Critter, for printing the contest rules and picture! Look for another coloring contest in late fall 2005, and best of luck to all entrants!

Let's blame the delays and confusion on Mother Nature. The unending Winter of 2004 with its cruel April Fool jokes until nearly May gave many of us serious cases of Cabin Fever. Two of the most patient survivors of the Winter of 2004 were 7-year-old Cassie Cendrowski of Chesterland and 11 year old Taylor Prugel of Painesville. Six months after winning Windt im Wald's annual coloring contest, both talented artists finally were able to collect their reward--an hour-long riding lesson aboard Supreme Tsamaz, AKA Tsammie.

Before the lesson of May 14 was over, Cassie had learned how to make left and right turns, do a complete stop, and back Tsammie--all without the aid of a bit or bridle. Cassie was all confidence and concentration, listening very well to instructions and sitting up straight. Cassie, you did an excellent job, and you asked many important questions. We think we will hear many fine things about you as you become a more experienced rider.

Taylor came to us on May 21 completely decked out in protective headgear and English jodphurs. She mounted Tsammie like a pro, did diagonals and serpentines at a trot, and managed to get Tsammie into a canter the whole length of the arena. Needless to say, we were all impressed with her ability to keep her heels down and her hands very quiet.

We were pleased to play host to these two future champion riders. They helped us to remember why we love horses and children so dearly.

Kudos to Cassie, Taylor, and to Supreme Tsamaz!




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