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Windt im Wald Farm
Geauga County, Northeast Ohio

since 1995


We want to congratulate all the following people: Last update April 26, 2013

If you have a slow dialup connection like mine you may have to refresh the screen by pressing F5 to get all the pictures to show.

CONGRATULATIONS toWIW WINDYS CHOICE and new owner, Sara Nank, of Rock Creek, Ohio

On Friday, December 29, we delivered our Choice to his new 5-acre home. Does Sara look happy or what? We were delighted to see the brand-new barn with room for a companion horse and the quiet street with lots of land to ride. Choice calmly backed out of the trailer, explored all the new buildings and landmarks, munched on the green grass inside the fenced in paddock, and happily walked into his new stall as though he had been making major adjustments his entire seven years here on earth. Sara and Russ have graciously given us permission to come visit Choice, and we will be thrilled to say hello to the Nanks and plant a kiss on the Choice muzzle. At home we will retain WIW COLOR BY CHOICE (WIW Windys Choice x Supreme Tsamaz x HU-Sohda-Nohta), who will be bred to ROYAL PRIDE RYTHM spring, 2007, and possibly WIW LEGACY BY CHOICE (WIW Windys Choice x CaLo's Perfection).

We wish Sara and Choice many, many happy trails and good times together. Here at home it seems strange to have his stall empty, but we believe that this match is a good one! We love you, Choice. Thank you, Sara and Russ, for your commitment to providing Choice the opportunity to show you his great worth and value!


We are pleased to report that Patrick, Jane, and Tricia McCullagh have bought our WIW DIXIE MELODY and have chosen to board her with us! We are thrilled that we can still visit with our girl while getting the family accustomed to Dixie’s ground-covering gaits and calm manner! The McCullaghs are fulfilling a long-time dream of horse ownership, and we wish them every success and happiness! We are particularly pleased to be able to afford them assistance in this new phase of their lives.

Thompson's FARM FEST 2005 Saturday May 7th on the Square

Windt im Wald Farm Salutes the Winners of the 2004 Coloring Contest

Windt im Wald Farm Makes its Third Appearance at Demo Days at Tractor Supply Company in Chardon!  April 9, 2005

of Kitanning, Pennsylvania, on the purchase of

WIW Perfect Alen (aka BIG AL). The picture shows Jodene's daughter and friend getting Al ready for the four-hour trip. Look at Al looking at his traveling boots being applied. At 10 months Al walked into Jodene's beautiful new trailer and traveled like a veteran to his new home.

Many thanks, Jodene and Matt, for the  phone call letting us know that all went well. Jodene says that Al will participate in his first show at Crooked Creek Equestrian Park near Kitanning this spring.

God Bless!

A big thank you to all the folks that stopped to visit us at Chardon's Tractor Supply on September 25, 2004

Of Kirtland, Ohio

Linda has bought WIW Rythm Queen (Royal Pride Rythm x SD’s April Fool x Rainbow’s Dandy Man). Queenie will be Linda’s new competitive trail mount. Linda has a great deal of experience with this discipline and has trained her own horses for some time. Queenie will be involved in a two-year-training program, and we are looking forward to hearing great things about this new team! Love ‘ya, Queenie!

Of Auburn Township, Ohio

On Labor Day, September 6, 2004, 11year old Maggie Jenko, daughter of Steve and Cristina Jenko, trotted purebred Arabian yearling filly, WIW Royal Windsong (Royal Pride Rythm x Cameo Windchime), and stood her up in Open Halter at the Geauga County Fair. Prior to August 12 Maggie had never worked with any horses at all! Windsong had to compete against seasoned high-stepping Morgan and Saddlebred horses.Together, Maggie and Windsong were the only youngsters in the class!

It was such a good field of horses that the judge asked all participants to take a second trot across the field. When it was all over, Maggie and Windsong did it as perfectly as anyone had a right to expect. When Windsong lowered her head as the judge was coming by, Maggie gently took hold of the chain on the halter and got her to raise her head properly. The judge HAD to notice that kind of control and responsiveness! Maggie's diligence and thoughtful preparation earned a fifth-place for Windsong and Windt im Wald Farm!

We look forward to taking Windsong and Maggie and perhaps one or two other WIW horses back to the 2005 Geauga Fair! We are proud that children and Arabian horses work out so well together!

A big thank you to all the folks that stopped to visit us at Chardon's Tractor Supply on August 21, 2004


We want to congratulate all the people who participated at the Thompson Township FarmFest and the NEOAHA Tack Auction and Riding Demonstration: Please follow this link for pictures and stories

Congratulations to Ted and Linda Ujvari

of Jerusalem, Ohio, on the birth of a Half Arabian filly on Easter Monday, April 11, 2004. The birth of this little one is a true Easter miracle for Ted and Linda, who have earnestly wished for a foal of their own for quite awhile. The Ujvaris were blessed to own a wonderful purebred Arabian stallion known as Bandit. Unfortunately, Bandit passed over the Rainbow Bridge in 2003 after breeding Pepper, a Paint mare.  Although Ted and Linda wished desperately for a lasting memento from their beloved Bandit, they did not receive their gift until the afternoon of April 11, when Pepper did all the hard work and delivered this fine, healthy filly!

Thank you, Ted and Linda, for helping us to remember that dreams  do come true for all of us. We know how much you love this little one, who undoubtedly will have the best in life that you and Ted can offer!



Congratulations to Susan Fitzgerald of Candia, New Hampshire.

We are delighted that Sarah Sue MUD, our little Haffy, has a fine new home way up north. We are especially grateful that Sarah will have another Haffy named Jimmie as a stable buddy. We think that Sarah will be a fine driving horse and a lovely Pony Club contender. Thank you, Susan and Paco, for making the eleven-hour trip down to see us. We worried as Sarah cried a little plaintively in the new, strange trailer, but your reassuring message that all of you made it home safely brought us a reassuring calm. Be good, Sarah, and best of luck, success, and love in your wonderful new home.

Congratulations to Julie of Waite Hill, Ohio,
(and WIW Royal Idyll) for the outstanding job in bringing home a fifth place at the 2003 Geauga County Fair for Windt im Wald Farm on Sunday, August 31, 2003.   Idyll and WIW Royal Windsong were the only two weanlings (and the only two purebred Arabians)  in a field of eleven, mostly adult Quarter Horses.  Julie got the boy to show his great trot and great temperament and helped him demonstrate that purebred Arabians are NOT wild and crazy. Idyll was so relaxed that he yawned multiple times but kept those wonderful ears perky. 

Watching Julie's  and Idyll's new-found fame were Idyll-ic fans, Doug and Carol Exley, who drove eight hours from New York State and even slept in their vehicle behind the Chardon Police Department Saturday evening  because there were no rooms available at local hotels for the Labor Day Weekend.

Julie, you were superb, and we are thrilled with all of our champs! What a lot of devotion and dedication everyone showed to make this little guy a success on his very first outing!

Doug and Carol, we are sure you will enjoy your own beds tonight, but you have a great story for your students! Ah, for the love of a horse!

More!!!: On Monday, September 1, 2003, Julie piloted Idyll to second place in the Open English Halter class at the Geauga County Fair, and Diane showed Windsong to a third place amidst adult horses.  The two babies trotted willingly through mud and puddles as the rain poured down.  It was not the right kind of day to take victory pictures, but the soonest chance and the first sunny day that we are granted we will pose both Idyll and Windsong with their ribbons. Thanks, Julie, for the beautiful young woman you are both inside and out!

Congratulations to Doug and Carol Exley,

of Gilbertsville, New York, who are as enthralled with WIW Royal Idyll as we are. Doug and Carol discovered Idyll soon after we told his story of losing his dam, FF Gai Arista, at the tender age of three days.  We truly believe that Idyll is going to be a gorgeous, athletic, loving horse. We look forward to having the Exleys with us as Idyll makes his debut at the 2003 Great Geauga Fair in Burton, Ohio. We personally think he is going to win the Halter Class. After that, Carol will work with this wonderful youngster and turn him into a driving horse. We can already picture her  elegantly behind the reins, and we can picture Idyll splendidly on the bit! Carol and Doug, of course, promise to send us a picture of this twosome in a few years.

Idyll is fortunate to have the promise of such a wonderful home. We are confident he will be dearly loved! We know also he will return that love and trust!


Essay by Ashley Maragas





Congratulations to Mike Brown,
who is enjoying the company of our Cameo Windchime, aka Dingaling.  Look at Mike's great seat and smile! Would you believe that Dingaling is only 14.3? She is one big little Arabian! We know that Mike and Dingaling will have a great time riding with Ronni and Leena, the little buckskin mare. We expect to hear about Dingaling's foal by Royal Pride Rythm, come May, 2004. Many happy trails, Mike and Ronni!


Congratulations to Shirley and Tim Allison
on their purchase of our WIW Windsome Fortune. Our Winsome has turned a lot of heads during his 17 months, but the Allisons took one look and kept repeating, "Oh, how beautiful he is!" We delivered Winsome to his new home on the southeast side of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Shirley has wanted a horse for many years; she chose an Arabian cross because she had been fortunate enough as a teenager to have an Arabian gelding that she broke herself. She never forgot her Arab's loyalty and intelligence. We are pleased that Winsome will give her the joy that she has been wishing for so long. We wish them happy trails at Mr. Sorg's beautiful barn and hope to hear that within a few years they will be doing endurance rides. Send us some pictures, Shirley and Tim. We think Winsome is going to be a spectacular ride and a spectacular looker!

WOW! Would you look at this boy now! We just received this new photo (8/28/03). Windsome Fortune will be 28 months old on September 5, 2003.  We knew he was something special from the time we took his first pictures at three days. He does his dam, Cameo Windchime, and his sire, Key Sera Sera, very proud. Donna Shelatree, in Venus, Pa., what do you think of this boy now? We remember how impressed you and Marcia were the first time you saw him in October 2001. Thank you, Tim and Shirley, for this new picture!



Congratulations to Jackie Stevenson
of Moreland Hills, Ohio.  Jackie fell in love with our April Fool and bought her so she could ride alone on the trails of the Chagrin Polo Fields. April has been on those trails many times with us and loves them. We are grateful to Jackie for being so close that we can stop by and say hello to the mama of WIW Dixie Melody and WIW Rythm Queen.  We will miss April's wiggly nose and kind eye, but we know she could have no better caregiver than Jackie. Many happy trails, Jackie.

Congratulations to Wendy Borowiak  
of Ravenna, Ohio

Wendy is the proud owner of this 3/4 Arabian filly born 5/12/02.  This baby, affectionately known as  "Rainy," is the product of  Royal Pride Rythm (AHR 0520585) and Quest. Rainy combines some excellent Polish and Crabbet bloodlines. As you can see, she has substantial depth of bone, a wonderful neck and shoulder, and an elegant face. 

Congratulations to  Dan and Debbie Kesslerof Madison, Ohio.

Anyone who knows Tom and me fairly well has known that WIW PRINCESS IRIS is simply the apple of  our eyes. This is the special "puppy dog" who kisses us all the time and hangs her head on our shoulders.  Like our other babies by our beloved Royal Pride Rythm, she possesses that special personality, but Iris has always been more interested in humans than in her horsemates. We have pictures of her at 3 months running from the other babies and mamas in our pasture in order to come "make out" with us at the fence. She has always trusted folks and been the leader in coming over to break the ice. Dan and Debbie, thank you for understanding how special this filly has been to us. Please love her, and she will love you back. She is just so exceptional, but you already know that. Thank you for allowing us to be your friends and know that we are anxious to hear about Iris' progress. We hope to be out this summer to say hello and get some new pictures. Be good, Iris. We love you!

Congratulations to Beth and Savannah Custard
of Pennsylvania. On June 5, 2001, their Purebred Arabian mare, MC GLORYS JABASK, delivered a chestnut stud colt by our ROYAL PRIDE RYTHM. The new foal, with flaxen mane and tail, will likely be named DAKOTAS JOURNEY. Beth reports that he looks like an English prospect, and we are delighted to report that the new baby carries an extraordinarily high percentage of Crabbet blood! Beth has promised to send some baby pictures that we can share with our Crabbet fans! YEA, CRABBET!


Congratulations to Micki Galliano
of Galliano Farms in Georgia and to WINDELL, the black/white tobiano grandsire of WIW WINDYS CHOICE. Micki has just shared with us that Windell won the Grand Championship for Level 1 in Dressage at the Pinto Nationals in Oklahoma! Job well done!

Congratulations to Donna and Donald Shelatree and KEY SERA SERA
of Venus, Pennsylvania.KEY SERA SERA is  the sire of our own WIW WINDSOME FORTUNE (5/5/01). They were the subject of a very nice story in "The Derrick" in the heart of  Oil Well country near Venus, Pennsylvania.Click Here for full story

Congratulations to Gladys Getman
of Howling Coyote Arabians in Washington Court House, Ohio, for purchasing the special half-price breeding to our ROYAL PRIDE RYTHM offered in conjunction with the OHIO HALF ARABIAN HORSE ASSOCIATION OPPORTUNITY AUCTION held January 20, 2001. Gladys and we spent a lot of time talking about Crabbet Arabian bloodlines. We look forward to breeding her Crabbet mare this spring and anticipating a lovely foal of Crabbet breeding for 2002. Naturally, we hope that Mrs. Getman and her baby will participate in the OHAHA Opportunity in September 2002 and help Ohioans and horsefolks everywhere to appreciate the treasure that is the Crabbet Arabian Horse.


Congratulations to Terry Schuh
of Home Acres Farm in Lebanon, Ohio.
Terry saw our ad listing Bedford Belle for sale and came all the way up to our farm (a 4+ hour trip) with a stock trailer. We really did not want to sell Bedford Belle (aka Jessie). (We have a difficult time parting with any of our horses.) She gave us plenty of good rides on the trail and taught us plenty. Jessie loved to load at a moment's notice and was the most patient horse in our barn at feeding time. Some of the guys would be pawing and yelling, but Jessie always waited quietly, very often being the last to get her chow. She loved to have her lips rubbed and would put her head over our shoulders or over the hindquarters of April Fool or Supreme Tsamaz on the trail. She was a super good mom for us and always produced naturally-gaited babies that made people stop and look and admire.

Dear Terry, please take good care of our Jessie. She will give you lots of smooth, effortless rides and lots of patience. Let us know about her progress. We are here and eager to know that all is okay with all of you and Jessie.


Congratulations to Tammy Fox
of Grafton, Ohio.
Tammy would have liked to buy our WIW Desperado, who had already been sold, but when she and her husband and son, Dakota, came out to our farm to look at our babies, WIW Royal Tstarbucks managed to do his usual thing: He stole their hearts as much as he has always stolen ours. Tstarbucks followed the family all over and insisted on licking them up and down and putting his head on everybody's shoulders. Tammy decided she could not resist him and bought him. We delivered him right before Thanksgiving, and as usual, WIW Princess Iris got a free ride with him.

 I have to admit that Buck was VERY difficult to part with. I suspect that as the oldest of our weanlings of Y2K, he inadvertently became the one I knew and loved the best, though I love them all. Tammy is so caring and loving, though, that I know that Buck will do just fine. I hope we get to see him in some open shows with Tammy this spring season of 2001.

Meanwhile, the Fox Family is busy completing their own barn to keep  Buck (they call him Star B) at home and anticipating the fun and excitement of learning more about horse ownership. Ahh, these little babies really open up our worlds and give us something more to dream about and anticipate! They are one more chance to share our love and keep us forever young. I am so pleased that WIW Royal Tstarbucks and the Fox Family are one more beautiful story of 2000 that we won't forget. Best of luck, love, and endless happy trails, guys.

Look at WIW ROYAL TSTARBUCKS now. He is only 18 months old, and he is already 14.2 hands and absolutely GORGEOUS! He looks like a real halter winner to us, and we cannot wait to hear from Tammy and Mike that he is placing in halter classes. BUCK is exactly the color of his dam, SUPREME TSAMAZ, and has her dish, but his body type is more like his sire, ROYAL PRIDE RHYTHM. At any rate we are proud as punch of Mike, Tammy, Dakota, BUCK, and SILK and hope the Foxes will keep us informed of their upcoming successes!

Congratulations to Cheryl Walker of Burrington Heights, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Cheryl took one look at the pictures of WIW Desperado on our website and requested a video so she could see him gait. When Cheryl said she wanted to buy the Baby, we felt like crying because we always get so attached. However, when we knew that Desperado would be going to a loving home with Cheryl and would get lots of love from her, her grandchildren, and Bill Pawlak, our tears became tears of happiness for this little charmer.

We met Cheryl and Bill halfway between Cleveland and Chicago, right near the border of Indiana after 4 hours of transporting Desperado and his little Arabian friend, WIW Princess Iris. We were very proud of both babies for being such good little travelers on an early October day that produced rain, snow, hail, and ice and made us very aware how close winter can be in October when you live in the Great Lakes area.

Cheryl has sent us several pictures of Desperado in his new home and reports that he is adjusting well with 2 good and true friends, a trusty gelding named Breeze and a TWH mare.

Every once in awhile there is a perfect ending to the perfect story. Desperado, you were the perfect little blue-eyed darling. We idolized you and your velvety nose always being stretched out to be stroked. You were always the little gentleman with calm and collected manner. Thank goodness for Cheryl, who knew she wanted to love you and make you into the perfect companion and riding horse. You have it all now, Baby. We love you, Desperado, and Cheryl, too. God Bless!

Take a look at WIW Desperado now, folks. This is a recent picture taken of our boy in spring 2001. Just look at that face and those eyes! Cheryl says he stops traffic with his coal black glistening coat and those baby blues. Not only does she love him, but he is there for her whenever she comes to the gate. He is not such a little peanut anymore. Cheryl's vet thinks he will be well over 16 hands. And to think we were able to love him first! Best of luck, Cheryl and Desperado.

Congratulations to 11 year-old Amanda Keymel of Ontario, New York.

Amanda has been lucky enough to have horses for awhile, namely Crabbet-bred Ghandiy, an Arabian gelding, and, pictured here, Comet. Amanda has had a very successful show season and has won blues and reds for both flatwork and jumping! We expect that this is one young lady who will have a horse her entire life! Bravo, Amanda!

Congratulations to Mary Jane Page and B MI Valentine of Streetsboro, Ohio, on the birth of Royal Sunrise Jubilee at 2 A.M. on June 7, 2000. Julie is the first pinto foal sired by Royal Pride Rythm. She has a wonderful dish, tippy ears, beautiful neck, and shoulder, and a teacup muzzle. She moves like a dream. Mary Jane's daughter, Heather, has already decided that Julie will make a great Saddleseat candidate. We could not agree more. Julie will be registered IAHA, APtHA, APAR, and ISHR. Mary Jane and Heather, Royal and Val hit the jackpot with Julie! The best of success and happiness in the show ring with this little treasure!

Pictures taken at less than 10 hours old.

Royal Sunrise Jubilee at 3 months pictured with Heather. Mary Jane can't bear to wean this little beauty yet!! Enjoy!!

Mary Jane Page recently sent us an updated picture of Royal Sunrise Jubilee, who at 11 months old is 13.1 hands. She is not just another pretty face because Mary Jane's daughter, Elizabeth, will be taking her to the Ohio State Fair as a 4H project. If you recall from this website, Julie was just a little shaver with 2 little belly spots and a wide blaze, our Royal Pride Rythm's FIRST pinto out of his first breeding with a pinto mare.

It was Mary Jane's success that prompted us to breed Royal to SDs April Fool, a black/white gaited mare, so that we could produce WIW Rythm Queen, a black/white pinto gaited Half Arabian filly. Thanks, Mary Jane, for the picture of this beautiful filly and for helping us to produce a baby that we thought three years about before actually getting the job done.


Royal Sunrise Jubilee (Julie) made her debut at the 2001 Ohio State Fair, where Heather Page was her expert handler. Julie (Royal Pride Rythm x B Mi Valentine) took a blue ribbon in yearling Saddle-Type Halter and a 3rd place in yearling lunge line, We commend both of these young ladies for a fabulous performance that makes our Royal and us very proud of our own.

Congratulations to Ted and Linda Ujvari
of Jerusalem, Ohio, for purchasing Purebred Arabian filly, LB Miss Universe. Ted and Linda have decided to retire and now live on 23 acres bordering the Wayne State Forest. Their retirement plans include enjoying riding trails on Missy and Dancer, a 1/2ArabianNSH. We are happy for them that their dreams have come true and wish them many years of companionship with both Missy and Dancer.

Congratulations Terry Lewis of Claridon, Ohio, for purchasing Dandy Dutchess, a registered Spotted Saddle Horse. It turns out that Terry already owns an SSH, named Sugar, that could be Dandy's twin sister. We are delighted that Terry will be using Dandy as a mount for her son and that Dandy has an outstanding new home.

Congratulations to Brandi Bahmann of Mantua, Ohio, for purchasing Black Jack, a Tennessee Walking Horse.. Jack was the very first horse at Windt im Wald. He was the best first horse anyone could own, and he taught us much, always being kind and forgiving. We are pleased that Jack's new home is just up the road a couple of miles so we can stop by and say hello to him. We wish Brandi and Jack many years of friendship. We'll never forget you, Jack!.

Congratulationsto Don and Nancy King of Rome, Ohio, for purchasing Easter Tsunday, the first foal sired by Royal Pride Rythm. Tsunday is out of Supreme Tsamaz, our 3/4 Arab mare. Tsunday is a 7/8 Arabian.

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