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Windt im Wald Farm
Geauga County, Northeast Ohio

since 1995


Cameo Windchime

This page retained for reference only

Cameo Windchime and rider Heather Page                  SOLD to Mike Brown of Dorset, Ohio.

Cameo Windchime
is a chestnut daughter of WOODWIND V and a granddaughter of Bey el Bay. She carries a cross to Witraz through Balalajka on the sire side and a cross to Witraz through the immortal *Bask on the dam side. Her sire, WOODWIND V,  now deceased, was the 1984 REGION XIV Reserve Champion Stallion and 1985 CANADIAN NATIONALS Top Ten Pleasure Driving and was an IAHA Sweepstakes Nominated Stallion.. WOODWIND V's  dam, HALALI WIND KITE, still lives at Varian Arabians and is an ARABIAN HORSE WORLD  Aristocrat mare for having produced not only WOODWIND V, but also FOXIE BEY, 1980 U.S. NATIONALS Top Ten  Futurity Mare, WINDSTORM V, standing in California, and another quality stallion bred by Sheila Varian, WINDFALL V..

Halali Wind Kite

is an English Pleasure horse with high headset and a beautiful hesitating trot. We are delighted to have her join our other high quality Arabian horses. Her first foal was sired by Ohio Park Horse champion, Allience. Her second WIW Windys Choice foaled in 2000 is a 3/4 Arab pinto by KA Arista Windstorm, a 1/2 Arabian Pinto by Champion Pinto/Paint, WINDELL.



Percentages and research by Eva Dano

  • Percentages for CAMEO WINDCHIME:
  • 28.2745% Crabbet/Blunt
  • 26.001% GSB (incl. Crabbet)
  • 2.80762% Davenports
  • 73.0469% Polish
  • 14.5035% Egyptian
  • 15.0391% WK Kellogg
  • 34.375% CMK
  • 10.3714% Abbas Pasha Source
  • 1.75781% WR Brown/Maynesboro Stud
  • 10.8826% Abbas Pasha/Ali Pasha Sherif Source
  • 26.6571% BAHC Source (Blue List or BLUE STAR)
  • 18.219% BLUE STAR Source
  • 21.875% Patton (Remount)
  • 5.66406% Albert W Harris
  • 12.6591% Old Babolna (pre-WW II)
  • 7.51972% Old German (Weil)
  • 7.59277% North American Desert Source
  • 34.375% Early American Foundation (vol V)
  • 50% American (thru vol VIII)
  • 50% American Foundation (thru vol X)
  • 100% American (thru vol XV)
  • .097655% El Emir
  • 4.89502% Mesaoud
  • 3.125% Witez II
  • .097655% Ghazala
  • 1.5625% Image
  • 1.5625% Raffles
  • 7.42188% Skowronek
  • .585937% Nasik
  • 7.86438% Blunt AK Ancestral Element
  • .390625% Borden AK Ancestral Element
  • 2.80762% Davenport AK Ancestral Element
  • 9.08203% Egypt I AK Ancestral Element
  • .78125% Egypt II AK Ancestral Element
  • .769042% Hamidie AK Ancestral Element
  • 1.15662% Huntington AK Ancestral Element
  • 3.90625% Mirage AK Ancestral Element

*Mirage sire line ~
*Nejdme dam line ~
A Kuhaylah 'Ajuz

Please check the Glossary on my web
site for descriptions of the different
percentages.  Glossary and FAQs:


Meet Windchime's 2001 foal
Windsome Fortune

The Arabian Horse in Literature




Meet Windsome
Fortune's Sire

For more information about Windchime's 2003 foal checkout WIW Royal Windsong's page. Or contact us by e-mail at wiwfarm@hotmail.com. If all else fails call us 440-996-0110


At Windt im Wald Farm we are preservationist Arabian horse breeders. specializing in Crabbet/CMK bloodlines. We also provide Arabian horse training and riding lessons.