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Windt im Wald
A Wind in the Woods
Geauga County, Northeast Ohio
since 1995


Arabian Stallion
(AHR #520585)

This page is retained for reference only. Royal passed away in 2010.

Pinto Horse Association Listed:  108101LH 100% Pinto Fillies from Pinto/Paint Mares thus far!

The PENDULUM is swinging back! In the last few years, POLISH Arabian breeders have imported AT LEAST 2  stallions from Poland with the SAME SKOWRONEK sire line as ROYAL PRIDE RYTHM. Take your choice and pay about $2000 for the service of an imported stallion or take advantage of our reasonably-priced service to get the same quality lines to the immortal and irreplaceable SKOWRONEK, whose
prepotence improved hindquarters, legs, and tail carriage on purebred Arabian and non-Arabian mares!

We stand a purebred 70.37% EasternCrabbet Arabian Horse Society-certified Crabbet/Blunt-bred chestnut stallion, Royal Pride Rythm, a son of Ohio-bred Gamonds Regal with crosses to Skowronek and the fabulous Al Marah foundation mare, Diamondita. Diamondita was also the dam of Emenee and the grand dam of Rohara Tsultress, the dam of Champion Stallion Rohara Moon Storm. In addition, he is a part of the Triple R Program with crosses to *Raffles, *Raseyn, and Rissalix, a combination that produces a high, floating trot and lots of endurance.  Click here for Pedigree

Additionally, Royal Pride Rythm has been determined to be 95% Crabbet/Maynesboro/Kellogg (CMK) foundation stock, as verified by Rick Synowski, a breeder of CMK Arabians since 1962. Royal appears in the CMK HERITAGE CATALOG, Volume IV, published in fall 2000 and the 2002 Sport Horse Edition of THE CRABBET INFLUENCE. Look for him also in the 20th Anniversary Edition of THE CRABBET INFLUENCE, to be released in Fall 2004, as well as the June issue of The Arabian News and the July issue of THE ARABIAN HORSE WORLD.




Spring 2000

Spring 2000

Summer 1999

Summer 2004

Like other Crabbets, Royal has the versatility to do Western Pleasure, Hunt Seat, Dressage, and Endurance Trials.  He is honest and willing to please, primarily because these two qualities are lasting attributes of the breeding programs of pioneer Crabbet breeders, Clifford and Richard Lodwick (a close comrade of Al Marah founder Bazy Tankersley), Roger Selby, and Homer Davenport. Finally, Royal carries the blood of the legendary Bedouin war mare, Wadduda, given as a gift to Homer Davenport in the early 1900s by Arabian tribes and utilized in Buffalo Bill Wild West Shows. Wadduda is the subject of a wonderful book entitled; Wadduda of the Desert.


Royal has a very mellow temperament with a gorgeous tail, ramrod-straight legs, a floating trot, and a beautifully collected canter. What we like best about Royal is his kindness and loyalty, following us around like a puppy dog in search of affection. We are blessed to own such a sterling individual.


Stallion Service Fee for the year 2010 is $750, LFG for Purebreds,  and $500 for all others. Mare care $15 dry $18 wet. Booking fee is a nonrefundable $175.  Mares belonging to 4H members and Future Farmers of America can qualify for discounts. Additionally, during 2010 if you breed two mares to Royal, we will offer a breeding to your third mare absolutely free, excluding the cost of mare care.







Summer 1999

Summer 2004

Summer 2004

Summer 2004

Summer 2004



Map to our farm

For more Information wiwfarm@hotmail.com or call 440-996-0110 for further details on how your Royal foal may earn you extra
money through showing!

Although Royal Pride Rythm is predominantly Crabbet/CMK in breeding, he carries 18 crosses to *WADDUDA, AHR#30, imported by American journalist Homer Davenport in 1906, primarily through the Kellogg mares MONICA (dam of Moneyn and Moneyna) and SANKIRAH.

24 crosses to *URFAH, AHR#40, also imported by Davenport in 1906, primarily through the stallion, HANAD.

4 crosses to *NAOMI, imported by Mr. R. L Huntington in the 1850s, through the stallion, KHALED.


This part of page under-reconstruction

Percentages and research by Eva Dano
  • 70.5994% Crabbet/Blunt
  • 69.0613% GSB (incl. Crabbet)
  • 10.3516% Davenports
  • 25.2197% Polish
  • 37.0472% Egyptian
  • 1.17188% Spanish
  • 18.1152% W K Kellogg
  • 95.3857% CMK
  • 10.9375% Dickinson/Travelers Rest
  • 27.4254% Abbas Pasha Source
  • 9.375% W R Brown/Maynesboro Stud
  • 30.5572% Abbas Pasha/Ali Pasha Sherif Source
  • 71.1701% BAHC Source (Blue List or BLUE STAR)
  • 56.4178% BLUE STAR Source
  • 2.34375% Patton (Remount)
  • 1.5625% Babson Egyptian
  • 7.8125% Albert W Harris
  • 1.03607% Old Babolna (pre-WW II)
  • .158691% Old German (Weil)
  • 21.2585% North American Desert Source
  • 81.25% Early American Foundation (vol V)
  • 90.625% American (thru vol VIII)
  • 100% American Foundation (thru vol X)
  • 100% American (thru vol XV)
  • .024413% El Emir
  • 13.916% Mesaoud
  • 2.34375% Witez II
  • .781249% Ghazala
  • 2.34375% Image
  • 17.9688% Raffles
  • 20.5811% Skowronek
  • 1.24512% Nasik
  • 1.95313% (Bistany) AK Ancestral Element
  • 19.754% Blunt AK Ancestral Element
  • .231932% Borden AK Ancestral Element
  • 10.3516% Davenport AK Ancestral Element
  • .585937% Dwarka AK Ancestral Element
  • 31.839% Egypt I AK Ancestral Element
  • .097655% Egypt II AK Ancestral Element
  • 1.08642% Hamidie AK Ancestral Element
  • .775145% Huntington AK Ancestral Element
  • 3.02734% Mirage AK Ancestral Element
  • .488281% Nejdran AK Ancestral Element
  • 4.29688% Saud AK Ancestral Element
Ibrahim/Skowronek sire line ~
Rodania (Blunt) dam line ~
A Kuhaylan Rudan (Kuhaylan 'Ajuz of Ibn Rudan)
American Foundation

Please check the Glossary on my web
site for  descriptions of the different
percentages.  Glossary and FAQs:

At 8 years old Royal, shown at liberty in his pasture, has darkened in color from what was a 'new copper penny' chestnut to a much darker liver chestnut. When the pictures were taken in May 2003 Royal is watching his new crop of 2003 babies in the field next to his.

ROYAL PRIDE RYTHM Arabian Horse Pedigree Click on picture for enlarged view

Royal Pride Rythm

Chestnut Stallion


Gamonds Regal Bay AHR #0458474 Head Sire at Caromere Arabians, Madison, Ohio

Gamond Bay AHR #0033708 Sire of 190; grandsire of 463, including Mistral, Region 18 champion

Gazon B AHR #0009875 Sire of 467, including Gazaff, WP champion Grandsire of 1240

Ferzon G AHR #7723; bred by Frank McCoy; foundation sire for Daniel Gainey (pictured); sire of 275, including Gai Parada, Gai Ferzon Louis

Ferneyn G AHR #2865

Fersara G #4104

Scheraff G AHR #2801 bred by Barbara H. Ball; dam of 14;granddam of 560; dam of Garaffa; great granddam of Champion Gai Madrigal

Indraff G AHR #1575 Sire of 10 Nat'l winners and 38 mares who produced Nat'l winners

Picture pending

Scheherazade C AHR #1555; dam of 6; granddam of 68

Diamondita C AHR #0016678 Bred by Gary Schneider; granddam of Rohara Tsultress, National Champion
royal_diamond.jpg (28993 bytes)
*Royal Diamond G AHR #12906, GSB # 1315 Imported in 1957 by Bazy Tankersley

Oran C GSB # 1076

Grey Royal G GSB #1139

Picture pending

Al-Marah Ralee C AHR #6009 Bred by Bazy Tankersley

Indraff G AHR #1575

Picture pending

Rose of Luzon G AHR #2184
fantoche.jpg (71359 bytes)
Fantoche Grey AHR #0309887

Picture pending

Brigadoon Phalanx G AHR #0173823

NA Ibn Fadjur B AHR #35308

Ibn Fadjur G AHR #15613

Picture pending

Wadhar C AHR #14419

Picture pending

Casura G AHR #69388

Picture pending

Catez G AHR #28020

Picture pending

Ghasura G AHR #37721

Fascinatin Melody B AHR #0158905

Picture pending

Fascinating Rythm C AHR #95391

Picture pending

As-Kali C AHR #8032

Picture pending

Masha C AHR #95301

Picture pending

Bint Gideon B AHR #72461

Picture pending

Gideon B AHR #29469

Picture pending

Ashanna C AHR #20384

Alexsaz Chestnut AHR #0370298; bred by Jeanne Woodward

Picture pending

HRH Arthur Chestnut AHR #0185246; bred by Marge Battisti, Novelty, Ohio
img001fixed.jpg (64719 bytes)
Rex Dorsaz C AHR #0084632

Picture pending

AMYR Ibn Dorsaz G AHR #23206; bred by Dr. Richard Stoneback, Oxford, PA

*Count Dorsaz C AHR #23206 Sire of 3 Aristocrat mares, 15 Nat'l winners and 22 mares who produced Nat'l winners

Picture pending

Rena G AHR #8792

Picture pending

Herinda C AHR #14462

Picture pending

Du Raff co C AHR #10469 (Rafflingle x Katinda)

Picture pending

Katinda C AHR #3703 (Indrage X Korinth)

Picture pending

Lake Hill Fonteyn C AHR #0072978

*Ranix B AHR #4227

Rissalix C AHSB #612 (Faris x Rissla)

Picture pending

Iorana B AHR #825 (Radi x Namilla)

Picture pending

Lenette B AHR #9676

Rapture B AHR #3783 (*Raffles x Rafla) Son of 1933 Nat'L champion 3-gaited stallion  and full sister to Indraff (see above) Sired 4 Aristocrat mares, 6 Nat'l Halter champions, and 1 Canadian Nat'l champion

Picture pending

Judy C#2838 (Feyd x Mabruk)

LO Alicy Chestnut AHR #0084325;bred by the Lodwick Family of Mt. Orab, Ohio. Shown as a weanling in 1970; picture courtesy of William "Buzz" Moore of Fairfield Farm, Virginia

LO Azyden G AHR #0016006; bred by the Lodwick Family of Mt. Orab, Ohio. Picture courtesy of William "Buzz" Moore of Fairfield Farm. Virginia

This is Dick Lodwick's stallion Rafden in an early professional photo with Bob Hart Sr. aboard
Rafden.jpg (38396 bytes)
Rafden G AHR #5310 Bred by Roger Selby Head sire of Lodwick Farm

*Raffles  W AHR #952 (Skowronek X Rifala) 1933 Nat'l champion 3 gaited stallion, sire of 2 Nat'l winners

Woengran B AHR #2763 (Ansar x Sybelle) Lois Selby Perry and Lodwick Programs dam of Rafden, Garaff, LO Granfisco, LO Lulu

Picture pending

Azyya G AHR #3952 Bred by J M Dickinson (Traveler's Rest) Granddam of Synbad. 1959 National Champion Stallion Dam of Bint Aziza 6997 by *Raffles; owned by Tish Hewitt of Friendship Farms and later Locust Farm in Kirtland, Ohio
kenur_1901.jpg (21690 bytes)
Kenur C AHR #1901 (*Sunshine x *Tairah) Son of 2 Desert-breds

*Aziza G AHR # 888 (Gamil Manial x Negma);imported by Brown

Picture pending

LO Alicia B AHR #0022808 Bred by the Lodwick family of Mt. Orab, Ohio

Rafferty G AHR #8658 Bred by Alice L Payne of California

*Raffles W AHR #952 (Skowronek X Rifala) 1933 Nat'l champion 3 gaited stallion, sire of 2 Nat'l winners

Masrufa B AHR #4819 (Rasraff x Rasrah) Dam of 12 for the Payne ASIL prefix

Rafina G AHR #1761

*Raffles W AHR #952 (Skowronek X Rifala) 1933 Nat'l champion 3 gaited stallion, sire of 2 Nat'l winners

*Rasmina C AHR # 856 (Shareer x Jalila)


A Report on the State of Crabbet/Old English Bloodlines
Why Buy Crabbet?  
A Tribute to Fadjur and Ferzon Breeding contract
Crabbet article:What Price Preservation? from July 2001 The Arabian Horse World Crabbet article: Introduction to the Arabian Sport Horse by Elizabeth Salmon
  The Arabian Horse in Literature
Pritzlaff Preservationist Breeding
And God Gave Us Arabians

At Windt im Wald Farm we are preservationist Arabian horse breeders. specializing in Crabbet/CMK bloodlines. We also provide Arabian horse training and riding lessons.

Arabian Magazines and Books from the late 1970s-1979 FOR SALE

Arabian Magazines and Books from the late 1980s-Present FOR SALE


Check our Arabian horse sales page for both Purebred and Half-Arabian Horses

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