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Windt im Wald
A Wind in the Woods
Geauga County, Northeast Ohio
since 1995

WIW TSYMPLY ROYAL, chestnut 7/8 Arabian filly
Foaled 5/6/2008, 2:10 AM.
(Royal Pride Rythm AHA 58285 x WIW Color By Choice PtHA
x WIW Windys Choice)

This fine filly represents the third generation of our Arabian/Half –Arabian breeding program, and we are proud as punch of her. She is the first granddaughter of our beloved Supreme Tsamaz, our wonderful Tsammie. TR arrived right on her due date. In our wildest dreams we never anticipated being able to brag about a mare’s ease in delivery, but here we are doing just that. Our cameras recorded CC’s contraction, the breaking of her water, and the delivery of TR exactly twenty-three seconds later. She was sucking almost immediately, and Tom and I were drying her off while CC tried to figure out what a new mother was supposed to be doing.

Twenty-five minutes later, with just a little help from her human friends, TR was standing and then walking, with great pasterns and nice straight legs. Ten minutes after that she hit the mother-lode, the long sought-after breakfast bar, and she had no intentions of letting go or falling asleep.

This go-getter, in fact, did not know how to fall down. A couple of times she swayed precariously upon her new legs, only to find new strength and determination from standing. At last, about 4A.M. she collapsed sound asleep, and we took her nap as the signal to make it back to our own bed, happy that the adventure had brought us a new, promising filly.

We are particularly delighted to report that TR bears the distinctive tippy ears of Halali Wind Kite, her great-great granddam and an Arabian Horse World mare of distinction,. Halali Wind Kite. Halali Wind Kite was bred by Janice Garrard of Halali Arabians and purchased by Sheila Varian for her breeding program in 1975. Halali Wind Kite foaled 12 purebred Arabian notables, among them, Windfall V, Windstorm V, Foxie Bey, and Woodwind V. This little one is also a great-great granddaughter of Supreme Tsultan, the illustrious son of Rohara’s Ivanhoe Tsultan.

On her sire’s side TR goes back to Crabbet-CMK royalty, notably Gamond, Gazon, Ferzon. TR is about 50% Crabbet-Blunt breeding, as certified by ECAHS.

Meanwhile, she is a curious darling who at three days was running wide circles around her mother and grunting in delight. Born with all four front teeth, TR is a connoisseur of the new and unexplored. She follows us around like her mother and has made her first entrance unto the trailer—again at the age of three days.

At 2 ½ weeks she is leading nicely and not shy about putting distance between her mother and her. She is a delight, and we have been blessed.

TR wants desperately to be friends with her taller, larger half-brother, WIW Navigaitor, but she can’t figure out why Gaitor’s dam chases her off, especially when Gaitor shows signs of wanting to be friends, too. Stay tuned for more adventures.


For more Information Mailboxwiwfarm@hotmail.com
or call us 440-996-0110


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At Windt im Wald Farm we are preservationist Arabian horse breeders. specializing in Crabbet/CMK bloodlines. We also provide Arabian horse training and riding lessons.