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Windt im Wald
A Wind in the Woods
Geauga County, Northeast Ohio
since 1995

Results of An Important Survey of Arabian Horse
Owners Completed Summer, 2003

According to Steve Josephs, Director of Market Development and Promotion for the Arabian Horse Association, 3,300 horse owners were randomly surveyed by phone and the results have been tabulated by TNS Intersearch of Chicago, Illinois:

1)      80 per cent of those surveyed own purebred Arabian horses. Sixty-one per cent own Half-Arabian horses. Forty-one per cent own both purebred Arabian and Half-Arabian horses concurrently. Over 50 per cent own additional breeds at the same time they own purebred and/or Half-Arabian horses.

2)      Sixty per cent of all Arabian and Half-Arabian horse owners owned another breed of horse PRIOR to their first purchase of a purebred or Half-Arabian horse.  The majority of these owners became interested in acquiring a purebred or Half-Arabian horse because of their contact with friends and family members who owned a purebred or Half-Arabian horse.

3)      Seventy-nine per cent of those who own purebred Arabian or Half-Arabian horses keep their horses at home. Only 7% have their horse (s) with a professional show trainer, and  only 3%  send their horse (s) to a local trainer. The conclusion is that most owners do their own training and riding work without the assistance of paid professionals.

4)      The primary uses of Purebred Arabians and Half-Arabian horses are  for recreational riding and family-related activities/hobbies. Sixty-seven per cent of all purebred Arabian horses and sixty-one per cent of all Half-Arabian horses are used for recreational riding.  Fifty-one per cent of all Purebred Arabians and 47% of all Half-Arabian horses are a family hobby.  

5)      “Showing” is not the norm.  Twenty-five per cent of all purebred horses are exhibited at local open shoes, and 27% per cent of all Half-Arabian horses are exhibited at local shows. ONLY 18% of Purebred Arabians and ONLY 16%  of Half-Arabians are exhibited at the big AHA Class A shows. CONCLUSION:  The premise and generalization that Arabs are “wild and crazy” horses because of their stereotypes as show horses are totally incorrect, based on the data.

6)      Purebred and Half-Arabian owners are seeking sensible, reasonably-priced venues to display their beautiful, intelligent, sensible animals:

a)      71% of owners are seeking educational programs to learn more about Arabian horses

b)     66% want more family-oriented fun events

c)      67% want recreational programs to showcase their horses

d)     64% want recognition programs for NOVICE and AMATEUR riders, that is ordinary riders who want to enjoy and celebrate their wonderful horses

e)      64% want more representation for Arabian and Half-Arabian horses at LOCAL shows.

Our CONCLUSIONS, without the benefit of the AHA’s research company, are that the majority of those who own and enjoy Arabians are not looking for flighty, unsafe, skittish animals, but have found in their Purebred and Half-Arabian horses true family and trail companions that they trust and enjoy. Additionally, the data suggest to us that the majority of Arabian/Half-Arabian horse owners use their horse (s) for many functions and that their horse (s) are highly versatile.

We express our gratitude to Steve Josephs,
Director of Market Development and Promotion
For this wonderful article on page 154 of Arabian Horse Magazine, October/November 2003.

You may reach Steve Joseph by e-mail at Steve.josephs@ArabianHorses.org

Tom and Diane Jones,

Windt im Wald Farm,

Auburn Township, OH 44023


Photo below is the Northeastern Ohio Arabian Horse Assn at the October 5, 2003, Therapeutic Ride sponsored by Fieldstone Farm at the Cleveland Polo Fields. Participants, from left to right, were President Judy Demshar, Debby McLaughlin, Christine Peger, Phil Demshar, Fred McLaughlin, Judy Fowkes, and Terry Fowkes. Monterrey M, also pictured at left with Judy Demshar, shortly after the ride became a new staff member at Fieldstone Farm. This group is a very typical representation of the survey.



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