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Extinction by NAIS


Windt im Wald Farm
Geauga County, Northeast Ohio
since 1995


Although the registry for the Selle Francaise was started in 1958, French breeders have been crossing their local mares to trotters, Thoroughbreds, Arabians, Anglo-Arabians, and Anglo-Norman horses to produce the Selle Francaise type for several hundred years. The Anglo-Norman was developed in Normandy, in northern France, by crossing Norfolk Trotters, Thoroughbreds, and Arabs. The Selle Francaise, France's Sport Horse, most closely resembles a large-boned Thorughbred with a strong back, a long neck, sturdy legs, and a height of 15.2-17.0 hands. Unlike some other Warmbloods that result from crossing smaller riding horses with draft-type breeds, the Selle Francaise is most praised for its quiet, willing, people-oriented behavior.

The strongest influence on the Selle Francaise is Thoroughbred blood. Therefore, many Selle Francaise horses have Furioso, Fra Diavolo, Ultimate, Rantzau, Le Mioche, and Popof in their pedigrees. One of the most influential Anglo-Arabian stallions appearing in Selle Francaise pedigrees is Nithard. Some very famous Selle Francaise stallions have been influential upon the development of other Warmblood breeds as well. For instance, the Selle Francaise stallions, Furioso II, Inschallah, and Zeus have played an important role in the Oldenburg breed. Cor de la Bryere is also an important name in Holsteiner pedigrees, and Alme, the sire of the famous Selle Francaise stallion, Galoubet A, is found in the pedigrees of most European sport horse breeds.

Like some other breeds that have been discussed here, the Selle Francaise registry conducts an annual inspection of both stallions and mares by sending a representative from the French National Stud to the United States every year. The inspection fee for stallions is $500 and the inspection fee for mares is $100. Horses are inspected in the disciplines of jumping, dressage, and in-hand demonstrations.

Diane Jones
Windt im Wald Farm 

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