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Extinction by NAIS


Windt im Wald Farm
Geauga County, Northeast Ohio
since 1995

WIW Rythm Queen

Congratulations to new mother, SD April Fool, and to new father, Royal Pride Rythm, for creating a beautiful new filly, born April 14, 2001, at 10:30 AM. WIW Rythm Queen seems to have inherited the best of everything. She has her mother's coloring and is a black/white tobiano with a huge star, a huge snip, 4 totally white legs, a white tail, black forelock, and black/white mane. She has her mama's little ears and her daddy's dished face, looooong legs and neck. She has her mama's whinny, and although a Half Arabian, she knows how to pace, do a running walk, and rack. So she will be registered as a Spotted Saddle Horse, as well.

Queenie was on her feet about 15 minutes after birth and managed to find her first drink of milk at one-half hour of age. She is probably the most alert foal we have seen here on the farm. She goes from a lying-down position to standing-up in one quick movement, and she is faster than her mother. Undoubtedly a survivor with a great deal of tenacity, she loves to jump in the air, practice bucking with those long rear legs, and stand off alone from her doting mother. She undoubtedly knows just how special she truly is to everyone.

We pondered this Arabian/Spotted Saddle Horse cross for 3 years before following through. Queenie appears to be the optimum result with the best attributes of both parents. We believe she will be a comfortable ride for a trail-horse person, but tough enough for endurance, enough rear-propulsion for outstanding dressage, flashy enough for the show ring, and gentle enough for the kids. It is wonderful to say that this little girl is a dream-come-true, a perfect realization of all the visions with which we tantalized ourselves.

We did not dare think of any names for Queenie before her arrival. The loss of a previous mother and baby has taught us to be humble and to take nothing for granted. Soon after this baby's birth, however, we realized how appropriate the word Rythm is to describe her. Rythm, of course, is part of Royal's name; the name "Rythm," besides indicating cadence, actually comes from an Arabian foundation mare, Rythma, bred at Crabbet Stud in England in the early 1900s. Although Rythma did not produce many babies, they were all babies with a high, smooth trot, a quality for which Crabbet Stud became world famous. The "Queen" in Queenie's name traces to the "Royal" in Royal Pride Rythm. We believe that WIW Rythm Queen will indeed turn some heads with her flashy, royal looks and her outstanding rhythmic movement. She was worth the wait! Congratulations to us, too, at Windt im Wald Farm!

At two years of age Queenie has been started under saddle and is doing well on the straight and WITHOUT the need of ANY bit in her mouth. She is wonderfully responsive!

Diane Jones
Windt im Wald Farm   

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