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Windt im Wald
A Wind in the Woods
Geauga County, Northeast Ohio
since 1995

Desert Lily: Davenport Arabian Horses

"A Gift Horse"
by Carol Lyons
Way back in 1971 Charles Craver gave a yearling colt (Don Camillo {Monsoon X Tara})to our son and daughter, Jim and Diane
Diane and Donald in a Western Pleasure class
April - 1977, Diane and Don Camillo, 1st Level Test 1 59%, open rated show
Diane with Donald   Trail Horse Class turn on the hindquarters around a tractor tire--with a sock of tin cans
Diane and Donald   A trail horse class. Note the sack of tin cans.
Diane and Donald    'ponying' mom Lyon's 1975 yearling grey filly Jal Athena (Lysander X Thea Isis)  

The Sweatshirt reads: "SLOW MOVING VEHICLE"   1997: Giving a physical therapy for a badly mangled foot ride to mom Lyons

- on the condition that he be gelded and become a family member. And so it was.


          As in many families, it turned out that son Jim had little interest in horses, but 8 year old Diane was enthralled, and soon a real bond developed between her and the young gelding. At the appropriate age 'Donald' went off for two months training, after which no one but Diane got to ride him till years later when she went off to college. (Then her Mom got to ride him!) Together Diane and Donald showed in 4-H, Open non-pointed, Open Pointed, and All Arab class A shows in Western Pleasure, Trail Horse, English Pleasure, Hunter Pleasure, Stock Seat, Hunt Seat and Saddle Seat Equitation, native Costume, Training and 1st Level Dressage and they won or placed in all divisions. Not every time, but often enough to make the showing fun. Ninety-nine percent of the training was done on the trails. They entered parades and also won a Completive Trail Ride.


          While Diane was away at college, we has so many offers to buy or lease Donald, but one does not part with a family member, or entrust their care to another family. After college, Diane was in the East for ten years, and Donald was with her. Now she lives in Oregon, and Donald is still with her. Now in 1997 at the young age of 27, he has a bit of arthritis and a rear tendon really bothers him sometimes (it was partially severed in a downed fence several years ago). But every now and again he and Diane go for a ride around her property. I rode him this past spring on one of my physical therapy rides. For daily life, he has the company of Jal Athena - whom he adores, and for two years he baby sat Diane's orphan filly, Hera. Soon he and Athena will be baby sitting the 1997 foals. If we listen hard, I suspect Donald could be heard telling the youngsters all about the marvelous life they will have and the good times coming with their good 2 legged friends when they are old enough and strong enough to take on the responsibility.


          Oh what a wonderful gift was given way back in 1971! A gift that keeps on giving. Long may you live Donald, in peace and the security of your family that loves you."


from a letter from mom Lyons: Boy this real letter thing is the pits! ... And a bunch of (pics) of Donald. All labeled, but ad lib. How about this for an addition to Diane's site? I'd like to see something posted while he is still with us. Don't think I could write it otherwise. This winter will be hard on him.

Desert Lily
2890 Stiles Road
Dallas, OR

An Al Khamsa Supporter

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