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Windt im Wald Farm
Geauga County, Northeast Ohio

since 1995

August 2003
Arabian Preservation Breeding
There are numerous organized Preservation groups that have formed over the past 20 years or so. The primary benefit of the formation of these groups is that it has made it easier for Arabian owners to locate breeding stock and endangered blood lines. Previously there were many individuals who were trying to preserve and reproduce specific blood line Arabians but very little organization and combined efforts were made with other breeders with similar breeding goals. One reason for this was the difficulty in locating the horses and the owners, and gaining access to the Arabian Registry's records. This changed drastically when the Arabian Registry started producing the "Arabian Data Source" CD and then the "Online Data Source" Subscriptions. Prior to that the Registry did not release an owner's contact information. Having access to the Registry's records still does not mean it will be easy to make contact or locate specific horses since many of the members do not keep their contact information, death reports, or gelding up to date and current so it can take a lot of time and work to locate horses with the breeding you are looking for. Many of the Preservation groups produce a Directory of their members and their breeding stock/horses for sale/ stallions at stud. A lot of the Directories are free for the asking and have proven to be very valuable promotional tools.  

One of the oldest and most well known of the preservation groups is Al Khamsa. The Al Khamsa bylaws state that the Al Khamsa Arabians are those horses in North America that can reasonably be assumed to descend entirely from Bedouin Arabian horses bred by horse breeding Bedouin tribes of the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula without admixture from sources unacceptable to Al Khamsa. In 1993, Al Khamsa published a 671 page reference volume with Pedigree Index and Progeny Listing covering eligible horses through the Arabian Horse Registry registration number 45000, complete with all the ancestors. Only 5 additional horses were added to that list as of 2002. For more information on this preservation group you can go to their online web site at http://www.alkhamsa.org/

Another preservation movement is the CMK groups. CMK stands for Arabians of Crabbet, Maynesboro, and Kellogg breeding. Arabians imported to the US before 1950s are considered CMK with the exception of the Patton's Polish and Babson imports which are not included in this group. For your horse to be considered CMK, 75% of their pedigree must contain CMK bloodlines and their sire and dam line must also trace to a CMK source. Well known Authors, Arabian Historians, researchers, and respected Arabian Breeders, Michael Bowling and Rick Synowski are the primary developers and promoters of this preservation group movement. More information on this preservation effort can be found at http://www.arabianhorses.org/education/education_bloodlines_domestic.asp and there are many other online informational sites rich in historical back ground of the CMK Arabians.

The Eastern Crabbet Arabian Horse Society was organized December 4, 1994 for the preservation of Arabian Horses that trace their bloodlines to the original Arabian horses utilized by The Crabbet Arabian Stud of England and the Sheyk Obeyd Stud of Egypt which were founded and owned by Wilfred and Lady Anne Blunt. The Crabbet Stud of England closed in 1971 after some 93 years of producing world renowned Arabians. In 1995 it was estimated that there were only twenty five 100% Crabbet blood line horses left in the United States. This number has greatly increased due in large part to the efforts of this preservation group and the recent importation of three 100% Crabbet Arabians from Australia by a group of ECAHS members known as "ACABONA" (Australian Crabbet Arabian Breeders Of North America). Many of the original Crabbet Arabians in the United States were imported in the 1930s by a well known and respected Ohio Breeder, Roger Selby of Portsmouth, Ohio. ECAHS researches and issues certificates of Crabbet Bloodline Percentages to any Arabian owner for a nominal fee and hold an annual "Crabbet Celebration" show with noted speakers and educational seminars. More information on their upcoming "Celebration" over the Labor Day weekend and ECAHS can be found at http://www.ecahs.org

Listings and descriptions of additional Preservation groups will be continued.

Betti Goddard 

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